yea sex is pretty good but have u ever taken a nap with someone

Maybe its not a big deal to other people. But for me it is, my dad couldnt have waited till i got off work so we could go to LA. Nope, he just left in the morning took my brother instead.. What a family vacation dad, without one of your daughters..

"Fuck, I want to have her in ways no one else has ever had her or ever will have her."
- A.A. (via ilicitum)


maybe if you came and fell asleep next to me I wouldn’t be so sad


do you ever get sad bc you aren’t rich and famous

Maybe im just infatuated with you. Whatever it is, i have a feeling you are not going anywhere. Cause I really want you to stay. No bullshit at all, you made me forget about all the other guys, i havent felt these same butterflies in years.